Winter Haven High School



Climate surveys are open until March 23rd. Please click on your link and complete this quick survey.

Each of you plays a critical role in improving public perception of Polk County Public Schools. We appreciate your participation in this year’s Climate Survey. Improving public perception is one of the goals of the School District’s current Strategic Plan. If you have questions about the Community Feedback Survey, please contact the Department of Assessment, Accountability and Evaluation at 863-534-0688.

Student Feedback, please click below.

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“Run, Hide, Fight”-A Response to School Violence

We here at WHHS are proud of the level of safety on our campus. Please take a moment to view this video, as Polk County schools take another step to educate students, parents, and all other stakeholders on the important topic of keeping our campuses safe.

Parents and Students - Important Policy Notification

Parents and students, please be aware that there will be no checkouts after 1:00 p.m.

Students, please be aware that if you are caught leaving campus without permission it will result in an automatic 3 day OSS. (Out of school suspension).

School Messenger

Parents, would you like to be added to our school automated messenger system? You can receive important information from our administration here at WHHS on your home phone or cell phone. All we need is your permission and you will be signed up for the automated messages! Click here for more info.

Career Program

Career Connections is a partnership between WHHS and the Chamber of Commerce. We match our students to professionals and offices for the career in which the student has an interest. The student meets with the professional after school hours so it does not interfere with class time. It is a great opportunity for our students to gain an understanding of the specific career in which they have expressed interest.

Often our students have opinions/ views about particular careers and this is a way for them to talk to the person that is actually in the field and get advice and guidance. All they need to do to sign up is go to Nikki Jordan (Room: 36-214) and she will give them the paperwork to sign. Please help encourage this program, it really is a fantastic learning opportunity!