WHHS Grad Perla Latorre-Suarez Named Among Best Aerospace Graduate Students in the World

UCF’s Perla Latorre-Suarez ’21 has been named a member of the 20 Twenties Award Class of 2022. The award recognizes students pursuing aerospace degrees for their academic excellence, STEM and leadership skills and innovative approach to problem solving. (UCF.edu. Sttory)

Published by UCF: https://www.ucf.edu/news/ucfs-perla-latorre-suarez-named-among-best-aerospace-graduate-students-in-the-world/?fbclid=IwAR1EfkVVmGlPkN3uJrSwsX0KKB1ANtyfRvMpnGAPiRfrPrYvZHWP_dzLxcg

Perla Latorre-Saurez attended Winter Haven High School prior to her attending the University of Central Florida. She credits Dr. Sarah Roberts with helping her get motivated when she was initially learning English helping her to keep moving forward. It is fantastic to see such great success, and Winter Haven is exceptionally proud to have a Blue Devil named to Aviation Week Network’s
20 Twenties Award Class of 2022. Congratulations Perla!