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Please plan to finalize all of your Community Service hours by Friday, April 16, 2021. This deadline is for those seniors wanting to receive their Community Service awards to wear at graduation.
• Seniors earning 250+ hours will receive a silver cord.
• Seniors earning 1000+ hours will receive an Exceeding Expectations Medallion.

All community service forms are located on our school website.
Please see Mrs. Farthing after school OR Wednesdays in the Cafeteria Counseling office if you have questions.

Mrs. Farthing, School Counselor, is the Community Service Coordinator

She is available to meet with students afterschool from 1:45-2:30 and Wednesdays during all lunches in the Cafeteria Counseling office. eLearning students can contact Mrs. Farthing by email at or by phone afterschool at 291.5330, ext 419

At the start of each school year, or when students start working with a NEW non-profit agency, students are required to submit their proposal/plan to Mrs. Farthing for approval before logging hours. The maximum number of hours accepted per day is 8, per district policy.

Reminder – Community Service is not required for graduation, but it is a very important requirement for scholarships. Cambridge diploma students must have 100 documented Service Hours.

Please look at the following 5 links below:

· Community Service Proposal/Plan: Must submit to Mrs. Farthing for approval when starting with a new non-profit agency. eLearners may email their proposal.

· Community Service Log: Must have your proposal submitted and approved before logging hours. Students are required to make a copy or take a photo of their log sheet before turning in to Mrs. Farthing afterschool. eLearners may email their log.

· Community Service Brochure: Highlights the benefits of service. Outlines hours that will be approved and those that are not acceptable.

· Understanding Community Service pdf: Information about the program from District Community Service Director

· Community Service websites: Helpful ideas for service opportunities

For more information, please contact:

Mrs. Farthing

Click HERE to view Community Service Opportunity at Habitat for Humanity

Click HERE to view Community Service Proposal

Click HERE to view Community Service Log

Click HERE to view Community Service Brochure

Click HERE to view Community Service Websites

Click HERE to view Understanding Community Service for High School Students